how to register marriage in Delhi  how to register marriage in Delhi

How to register marriage in Delhi

Marriage registration is a crucial legal process that provides recognition and authenticity to a marital union. In Delhi, the capital city of India, couples need to follow specific steps to register their marriage. In this article we will guide you through the process, outlining the eligibility criteria, required documents, registration procedures, benefits, and more.

Eligibility for Marriage Registration

To register a marriage in Delhi, the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • Both individuals should be at least 18 years old the bride and 21 years old for the groom.
  • The individuals should not be closely related by blood or marriage.
  • Either the bride or groom must have resided in Delhi for at least 30 days before applying for registration

Required Documents

Before proceeding with the registration process, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Proof of age (birth certificate, passport, or educational certificate).
  • Address proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, or utility bill).
  • Marriage invitation card
  • Passport-sized photographs of both individuals
  • Affidavit of marriage (jointly signed by the couple)
  • Divorce decree (if either party is divorced)
  • Death certificate (if either party is a widow/widower)

Procedure for Marriage Registration

The registration process for marriages in Delhi can be completed either online or offline. Let's explore both methods:

Online Registration Process
  • Visit the official website of the Delhi government's marriage registration portal.
  • Create an account and log in using your credentials.
  • Fill in the required details in the online application form.
  • Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents.
  • Submit the application and pay the registration fees online.
  • After successful submission, an appointment date will be assigned.
Offline Registration Process
  • Visit the Office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) in your area.
  • Collect the marriage registration form and fill it out.
  • Attach the required documents along with the form.
  • Submit the form to the SDM office and pay the registration fees.
  • The SDM office will provide an acknowledgment slip with the appointment date for verification.

Appointment and Verification

On the assigned appointment date, both partners need to appear before the SDM for verification. The SDM will verify the documents, and identities, and solemnize the marriage in the presence of witnesses. The witnesses should also carry their identification documents.

Registration Fees

The registration fees for marriage in Delhi vary depending on the type of registration:

  • Under the Hindu Marriage Act: Rs. 500*
  • Under the Special Marriage Act: Rs. 1,500*
Benefits of Marriage Registration

Registering your marriage in Delhi offers several advantages, including:

  • Legal recognition of the marriage.
  • Proof of marriage for official purposes.
  • Access to various government schemes and benefits.
  • Simplified process for obtaining visas and passports.
  • Protection of rights and interests in case of disputes.
Marriage Certificate

After the successful verification, the SDM will issue a marriage certificate. This certificate serves as legal proof of the marriage and contains all the relevant details, such as the date, place, and names of the spouses.

Validity and Amendments

The marriage certificate obtained in Delhi is valid for a lifetime. In case of any amendments, such as a change of name or address, you can apply for corrections by submitting the necessary documents to the SDM office.

Special Marriages

For inter-religious or inter-caste marriages, couples can opt for registration under the Special Marriage Act. This act also allows individuals from different religions, castes, or nationalities to marry and register their marriage in a legally recognized manner.


Registering your marriage in Delhi is a vital step to ensure legal recognition and protection of your marital rights. By following the outlined procedures and providing the required documents, you can complete the registration process successfully. Remember to keep your marriage certificate safe, as it serves as official proof of your marriage. If you have any further questions, you can Contact Us at LegalAir.

How to Register Marriage in Delhi (FAQ)

No, it is not mandatory, but it is advisable for legal and administrative purposes.

The process usually takes around 30-60 days, depending on the availability of appointments.

No, at least one of the individuals must have resided in Delhi for 30 days before applying.

Yes, under the Special Marriage Act, foreign nationals can marry and register their marriage in Delhi..

Yes, you can apply for marriage registration within 60 days of the wedding ceremony.

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