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Everything To Know About Marriage Certificate In India

In simple words, a marriage certificate is a legal or official declaration stating that two people are married in India. In India, marriage can either be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. For both these types of marriage, a marriage is a legit proof that a couple is married. The fact is that in 2006, the Supreme Court made registration of marriage compulsory to safeguard women’s rights. No doubt, a marriage certificate is a legal document that women can use at the time of dispute relating to marriage and succession of properties.

Why is having a marriage certificate important?

Marriage is such a bond in which anything can happen. For example, the exchange of words between husband and wife, forcing a girl for dowry, quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, etc. These small fights sometimes go unmanageable and require legal involvement. That’s where a marriage certificate plays a significant role in protecting the rights of a woman. There are many reasons why having a marriage certificate is important for women, which include:

  • The certificate works as a proof of legal marriage regardless of caste, religion, place, and time
  • Registration of marriage makes everything a lot smoother
  • Provides security to both partners
  • An unregistered marriage is seen as a crime and is punishable offense
  • A marriage certificate is vital for handling affair, financial, and legal concerns

Though unregistered marriages are not illegitimate, every marriage couple in India needs to compulsorily register their marriage.

How do I get my marriage certificate in India?

To get a marriage certificate in India, you first need to register your marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or Special Marriage Act 1954. To obtain a marriage certificate, you must have proper knowledge so that it becomes easier for you. Below is a step-by-step process you need to follow to get a marriage certificate in India.

Online Process to get a marriage certificate:

  • Open the government official website of the home state an applicant belongs to
  • Now browse the website and look for the marriage certificate form on the site
  • Fill the personal details of both the parties of the marriage, asked in the form
  • Proof of birth letter in hospital
  • Then submit the form once if it filled

After this, a marriage register will summon the applicant for a particular date and time to be in the office on time with all the required documents. Along with two witnesses should be present at the time of marriage.

Offline registration to get certificate

Basically, you have to visit the office of sub-registrar of the city you’re living in and under whose jurisdiction your marriage is solemnized. The couple has to visit the office with all the required documents along with two witnesses.

These are two ways through which you can obtain a marriage certificate in India.

How to check marriage certificates online?

Wondering how to check marriage certificates online? As you know, marriage certificates can be applied online or offline. After filling out the form, you can get a marriage certificate. You can download the form from the official website of the government of whichever state you belong to.after submitting the form, you will get a receipt on which the acknowledgment number will be mentioned. You can track the status of your form through that number. Here is the step-by-step process to track the certificate:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of your state government
  • Find the link for marriage registration on state portal
  • Click on the check marriage registration status link
  • Now enter the acknowledgement number and click on submit option
  • You will finally see the status of your form

Advantages of marriage certificate in India

The benefits of having a marriage certificate are many, which include:

  • A marriage certificate is good to acquire family law benefits
  • It is important in case of divorse, judicial separation, alimony, or custody of children
  • It enables widows/spinsters to claim bank money and insurance benefits after the death of the spouse
  • The certificate helps check the illegal bigamy and polygamy
  • Marriage certificate also deters men/women from deserting their spouse after marriage
  • A certificate legally stands out very strong in court of law
  • A marriage certificate is used as a strong valid evidence in marital disputes by either of them
  • Marriage certificate also helps in obtaining passport if any of the spouse belongs to a particular country
  • In case, you want to change your maiden name, a marriage certificate will help

The list of having a marriage certificate doesn’t end here. One can enjoy many other benefits as well.

Why do you need to hire a marriage registration consultant?

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