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court marriage registration in delhi court marriage registration in delhi

Same day Court Marriage in Delhi: Procedure, Fees, Documents, Registration

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The points we are going to recover in this article are:

  • Court Marriage Registration procedure in Delhi.
  • Two processes for issuing a court marriage certificate.
  • Documents required for court marriage in Delhi.

Same day court marriage in Delhi Registration procedure

If you want to complete your court marriage then you should follow these steps:

Notice of Intended Marriage

TThe first and most important step is you need to give notice of the intended marriage at the office of the marriage registrar if you want to complete your court marriage hassle-free. But remember the intended marriage's notice must be given in writing and signed by both parties.

Publication of Notice

After successfully giving the intended marriage notice to the marriage registrar. Now, the marriage registrar will publish the notice on the notice board. The notice will be displayed for 30 days to allow for any objections to be raised.


If someone objected within 30 days then the marriage registrar will inquire into them and he found the objection is valid. Then he can't continue your marriage procedure.

Solemnization of Marriage

If nobody objects then the marriage registrar will solemnize the marriage after ending the 30 days objection notice. Your court marriage can be solemnized in the same office or any other place within a reasonable distance.

Marriage Certificate

After your marriage is successfully solemnized. The Marriage Registrar will give you your marriage certificate. But issuing court marriage certificates has two processes. Down below, we share with you two processes for issuing court marriage certificates.

Two processes for issuing a court marriage certificate

1-Under the Hindu Marriage act,1995

If your court marriage in Delhi is solemnized under section 8 in the Arya Samaj Mandir. Then the marriage registrar sends you a notice on the same working day to the address of the parties.

Under the Special Marriage Act 1954

This is the second and slightly longer process of issuing a marriage certificate. When your marriage is done under the special marriage act, of 1954. Then the marriage registrar required three witnesses and notice given in the presence of both parties.

Documents required for Same day court marriage in Delhi

If you want successful court marriage in Delhi then do not forget these documents that we are going to mention below. Because without these documents you can't complete your marriage.

Proof of Age

The age proof is very important to show the marriage registrar and both parties must be 18 and 21.

Address proof:

If you want to complete your court marriage then you should need an Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, passport, or driving licence (Driving License is optional).


Two passport-size photographs from both parties.

Marriage invitation card

We know you must be thinking about why you need a marriage invitation card. A marriage invitation is proof or evidence of the marriage date and place.


For your same day court marriage in Delhi, two or three witnesses are very important. You can't complete your court wedding without any witnesses.Here, we shared with you all the required documents. Make sure you do not forget these documents.


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