Same-day court marriage in Bangalore

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Same-day court marriage in Bangalore

Unlike grand wedding celebrations, court marriage is an economical, safe, and hassle-free alternative to traditional wedding. Court marriage lets couples from different nationality, religion, and caste to solemnize their union through a simple procedure. This process is carried out in front of a marriage registrar and 3 witnesses. Court marriage means legal authorization of marriage between two people and makes the marriage legal. If you’re wondering how to do court marriage in Bangalore, then this blog is for you. Here you will learn court marriage in Bangalore and the marriage process.

Is it possible to get court married in one day in Bangalore?

Yes, it’s possible to get court married in one day in Bangalore. The court marriage in Bangalore is carried out under the Special Marriage Act 1954. Regardless of a person’s caste, creed, and religion. For the same day marriage, you just need to connect with the Tatkal Court Marriage Lawyer and Advocate for Tatkal Court Marriage. But if you’re getting married the same day, make sure you carry all the required documents so that you don’t face any obstacle during the court marriage process in Bangalore. The list of essential documents required for court marriage in Bangalore include:

  • Application form of both the parties
  • Passport size photographs
  • Separate affidavit from both the parties
  • Residential proof
  • Identity proof
  • Date birth proof
  • Copy of divorce or death certificate of previous spouse in case of widow.
  • 3 witnesses

Same day court marriage procedure in Bangalore

The court marriage in Bangalore is performed under the Special Marriage Act 1954. Here is the step by step procedure of same day court marriage Bangalore. Check it out below.

Consult with a Tatkal Court Marriage lawyer:

The first step you have to follow to get married the same day in Bangalore is to connect with the Tatkal court marriage lawyer. He will guide you thoroughly.

Draft a notice of intention to marry:

Now you will need to draft a notice of intended marriage on behalf of both the parties

Selection of jurisdiction:

Then you will be asked to select the jurisdiction of where you exactly want to get your marriage solemnized.

Final documentation check:

Now the lawyer will check all the documents given by you for the marriage. Once the documents are finalized, the notice of intended marriage will be filed in the court.

3 witness for marriage:

Both the parties require to have at least 3 witnesses for the marriage to be solemnized in front of the marriage registrar. This is how the marriage process is done in Bangalore.

Marriage certificate:

Once the marriage is done, the marriage officer will issue a marriage certification after signing a declaration form by both the parties. The marriage certificate will be signed by both bride and groom, and the witnesses. Upon signing the document, the certificate will be given to couple.

Best court marriage agents in Bangalore

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