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Court Marriage Ghaziabad: Procedure, Fees, Documents, Registration & Certification

A court marriage is a legal way of getting married. It is not a religious ceremony and the couple does not have to follow any religion. If you are looking for a quick solution or same day court marriage in Ghaziabad, then this might be the best option for you.

Two important aspects of a court marriage are the notice period and the court marriage registration in Ghaziabad

There are two important aspects of a court marriage registration in Ghaziabad that you need to be aware of. The first is the notice period, which is 15 days before the wedding day. This means that if your wedding date happens on June 2nd, your notice would have been issued on May 30th and would expire on June 8th.

The second aspect of the court marriage process in Ghaziabad is simple! Just bring all required documents (like a birth certificate) to the marriage registration office Ghaziabad along with your application form when visiting the marriage officer at his or her office in person or by post-office courier service delivery!

Documents for court Ghaziabad marriage

You will have to provide the following before you apply for a court marriage Ghaziabad:

  • A valid ID proof (a government-issued identity card).
  • Your birth certificate.
  • The marriage registration certificate that you can get from the registrar of your local civil court. This document will be issued by your partner's family, so they may ask you for this as well if needed.

The above-given documents are required in the Ghaziabad marriage court.If you're applying for a divorce or death certificate in India, then it's also necessary for both parties' parents or guardians to sign off on these documents as well! Notice to Marriage Officer

Notice to officer

The next step for court marriage Ghaziabad same day is to send the notice to your local Marriage Officer. You must do this within 10 days of publishing the notice in a newspaper. The notice period begins from the date when you receive it, not when you post it! If you don't send your notice within this time frame, then it won't be valid and any marriage ceremony conducted under such circumstances would be considered invalid.Personal presence

Personal presence

Before you apply for a court marriage, you and your partner will need to be present at the time of applying. You can't apply for a court marriage if either of you is unable to attend court on the day of filing.

You will need to show your identity and address proof when applying for a court marriage. 2Registration of Marriage You must register your marriage within 30 days of the date of marriage. The registrations office in your place will provide you with the registration certificate, which is required for getting a passport or driving license. You can also apply for a court marriage certificate after having registered with them.

You will have to make an appointment at the office of the Marriage Officer where you got married, and they will take care of all legal formalities related to marriages including registering them with their respective district offices (you may want to look up what districts are involved). Takeaway: The process of applying for court marriage is easy but you need proper paperwork and good preparation.


The following steps will help you apply for a court marriage:

  • Visit the website of your nearest district court or register office. They are located in most towns and cities, so if you live in one of those places chances are that there's one nearby. If not, ask around at your local library or public library about how to find them (you can also use Google).
  • Fill out an application form with all necessary details including name(s), date of birth, nationality, address, etc., along with supporting documents such as passports or birth certificates (if applicable). These can be submitted through post or sent via email if possible - whichever method works best for you!
  • Court marriage fees in Ghaziabad: Pay fees associated with filing forms such as stamp duty/taxes on property purchases made within 30 days before submitting applications; any other relevant charges incurred during this period should also be paid upfront before submitting documents back so they're not charged again later down the line."

Do you need an advocate for court marriage?

A court marriage advocate in Ghaziabad will ensure that the parties are of majority age. An advocate will ensure the free consent of both parties. An advocate will prepare all the necessary documents required for the registration process. It helps in reducing the burden and time of parties to the marriage.


The process of applying for court marriage is easy but you need proper paperwork and good preparation.

If you want to get married in India, check out our guide on how to get a court marriage here. Contact us to get the best advocate for court marriage in Ghaziabad.

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