How Much is Court Marriage Budget Required to Get Married?

How Much is Court Marriage Budget Required to Get Married? How Much is Court Marriage Budget Required to Get Married?

Court Marriage Age

Court marriage is the legal solemnization of a marriage to grant it legal recognition. This type of marriage typically involves two individuals of the opposite gender, with the male being at least 21 years old and the female at least 18 years old. Court marriages, as the name implies, occur in a court setting, presided over by a Marriage Registrar. These marriages are a formal legal process for individuals wishing to marry someone of the opposite sex.

You might wonder how traditional and elaborate weddings in India fit into this legal framework. Well, even these grand ceremonies need to be registered to obtain a marriage registration certificate, which is essential for legalizing the marriage.

A court marriage takes place under the supervision of the Marriage Registrar and is open to people of any religion or caste, as long as they are not closely related within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity. Moreover, an Indian citizen can marry a foreign national, provided they hold Indian nationality. Court marriages also allow Indians to wed foreigners, as long as they are not already married in their home countries. However, it's important to note that different laws apply to such cases. Let's explore these regulations in more detail.

Procedure for Court Marriage in India

  • Step 1 - Submission of Notice of Marriage The initial step in the court marriage process is the submission of the court marriage application form, commonly known as the "notice of intended marriage," to the designated marriage officer. This notice must adhere to the format outlined in the second schedule of the Act. This notice must be submitted no later than 30 days before the intended marriage date. Furthermore, the notice should be presented to the marriage officer within the jurisdiction where either party to the marriage has resided continuously for 30 days or more.
  • Step 2 - Publicizing the Notice The marriage officer will proceed to make the notice of the intended marriage publicly accessible by posting it conspicuously within the office of the marriage officer. Following the publication of the notice, any individual has a 30-day window to raise objections to the proposed marriage. In the absence of any objections, the marriage officer will officiate the marriage once the 30-day notice period has elapsed.
  • Step 3 - Addressing Objections During the 30-day objection period, any person can raise objections to the court marriage. These objections should be founded on legal grounds, not personal preferences. The marriage officer is responsible for investigating these objections within 30 days of their submission. If the objections are found to be unsubstantiated, the marriage officer may proceed with solemnizing the marriage, provided it adheres to all legal prerequisites.
  • Step 4 - Declarations by Parties and Witnesses In cases where there are no objections or objections have been dismissed by the marriage officer, both parties involved must appear before the marriage officer. Alongside them, three witnesses are also required to submit a declaration, as stipulated in the third schedule of the Act. This declaration is made in the presence of the marriage officer, who subsequently countersigns it.
  • Step 5 - Choice of Venue The court marriage can be conducted either at the marriage officer's office or at an alternative location within a reasonable distance, as selected by the parties. If an alternate location is chosen, the parties are responsible for paying any additional fees as specified. The form and style of the marriage ceremony can be adopted according to the preferences of the parties.
  • Step 6 - Issuance of Marriage Certificate Following the solemnization of the marriage, the marriage officer will issue a marriage certificate. Both parties to the marriage, as well as the three witnesses, are required to sign this certificate. This document serves as conclusive evidence of the marriage, and the marriage officer records the marriage details in the marriage certificate book.

Court Marriage Budget

Court marriage budgets can indeed vary from one state to another in India. As a general guideline, the procedure fees for court marriages typically range between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. However, it is crucial to verify the specific fees applicable to your state or jurisdiction when submitting the court marriage application form. You can visit your local marriage registrar's office for an accurate court marriage budget.

Why to Choose a Lawyer for your Court Marriage:

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