How is marriage done in Arya Samaj

How is marriage done in Arya Samaj How is marriage done in Arya Samaj

How marriage is done in Arya samaj? and What’s the process of marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir?

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati discovered the famous Arya Samaj in Bombay, India in 1875. It was founded with the sole aim of clearing Hindu Dharma from all ambiguities and returning to Vedic teachings. The Arya Samaj is based on the reasons for the eternal truth set out in the eternal Vedas. It works for the sole purpose and that is "Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam" - Making this world glorious. Arya Samaj has this unique quality when one of the religions is married in their rites. The ceremony before and after the wedding varies depending on the religion of the boy or girl. The actual wedding ceremony is simple with a series of prayers and Havana. The wedding was held under the Aryan Marriage Act XIX of 1937. Since the Arya Samaj did not believe in idol worship, no specific god was worshipped. The Vedas present Nirguna Brahman as a de facto deity. Only fire and other elements bear witness to the ceremony. The bride's sister puts her foot on an awl or grindstone. This is an exclusive ritual for Arya Samaj's marriage and is called "Shilarohan".

Rituals before marriage

  • Shudhi - Shudhi is an extraordinary ritual in which the couple, if they are of non-Hindu origin, must become Hindus. Shudhi means purification. This is important because the founders of the religion Maharishi Diana and Saraswati only believed in Hinduism as an authentic native religion. Other religions may emerge from conversion.
  • Mehendi -The mehendi ceremony has a girl who has applied henna in designs on her hands. All other women also have mehendi on their hands. Mehendi is associated with the wedding image of an Indian girl. Nowadays it is fashionable to have mehendi in different and as whimsical colors as possible. So you often find mehendi with glossy body and glossy powder.
  • Brahmbhoj -Brahmbhoj is a unique wedding ritual by Arya Samaj in which sixteen Brahmins are invited for a traditional lunch. The basic idea is to receive their blessings. The caste system assumes that the Brahmins are the highest caste and is associated with the performance of all Vedic rituals. It is always considered good to receive their blessings in ceremonies like this wedding and thread ceremony.
  • Phoolon Kaa Gehna -Phoolon Kaa Gehna is a stunning ceremony adorned with the fragrance, beauty and purity of flowers. The girl should decorate herself with flowers. This is not a mandatory feature of Arya Samaj marriage and not everyone follows this ritual.
  • Chhoodha and Nath Ceremony - In this ceremony, the girl wears twenty one ivory red bracelets. The number twenty-one is considered lucky and red is the color of the bride and groom. Nat is a traditional nose ring given to him by his maternal uncle to prepare for the new life he wants to live.

Wedding Rituals

  • Vramala ki kriya - Vramala ki kriya is nothing but a bridal couple who, according to Indian custom, exchange colorful bouquets and accept each other.
  • Swagat Vidhi - Swagat Vidhi, as the name suggests, includes a welcoming ritual. The bride offers holy water to the groom to wash his feet. Hindu marriage views the groom as the image of God. There are several comments on this. One is that when a man and woman get married, they resemble Shiva and Parvati. Shiv is the eternal Purusha (soul) and Parvati, the awesome goddess, is Prakriti (nature). How Parvati repented to accept Shiva and submit to him. Likewise, the bride (married to Arya Samaj) looks at her husband and washes his feet.
  • Madhupark se Satkaar - Madhupark se Satkaar is part of the above ritual. In it, the bride offers the groom a mixture of cottage cheese, ginger and honey. Cottage cheese, ghee and honey are considered to be beneficial for health. In addition, edibles are believed to be beneficial and have a good effect on everything related to them.
  • Thread ceremony - The thread ceremony is very common among Hindus. This is a ceremony where the groom must wear the sacred thread. The initiation ceremony of a boy from one of the three best varnas (classes) in the first traditional stage of life of a twice-born Hindu.
  • Godan - Godan is a very common ritual in which a brahmin is given a calf as alms. Temptation is all about getting big profits on your business. It is one of the most sacred rituals of Hindus.
  • Vishesh Havana - Vishesh Havana is a special lamb (fire offering) performed by priests according to the Arya Samaj ritual. Yagna is obligatory at most Hindu weddings. The fire that burns inside the lamb is actually Lord Agni who, as a deity and matter, aims to purify the couple and witness the sacred ceremony of marriage. Fire is the purest of all the elements of nature; therefore, the oath before the fire was always considered very strong and could not be broken.
  • Pratigya Mantra - The Pratigya Mantra is a ritual that facilitates marriage. The husband made six vows and held his wife's hand. This oath makes marriage strong and sacred.
  • Parikarma - Couples make four circles of fire, one for all four ashrams in Vedic times. The circle around the fire is also an important part of Hindu weddings. In fact, this is the most important trait after the Sindoor or Mangal Sutra.
  • Sinddoor Daan - Arya Samaj includes the Sindoor Daan ceremony. It is a very common ritual in which the groom applies Sindor, or vermilion, to the hair of the woman who is separated from her husband's.

Rituals after the wedding:

  • Dhruv Darshan - Dhruv Darshan is a centuries-old custom that requires newly married couples to see Dhruv's star after they get married. They do this to get some (symbolic) direction from the stars as they embark on a journey into newly married life.
  • Suryanamaskar - Suryanamaskar is a local ritual where people pray to the sun with their arms crossed. The sun is the source of all living things on earth. Therefore, he is also considered a god. Newlyweds pray for health and prosperity for their married life.

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