Court Marriage Government Benefits Court Marriage Government Benefits

Court Marriage Government Benefits

India, a land of diverse cultures, faces a significant challenge when it comes to inter-caste marriages. Despite technological advancements and progress in various fields, the issue of marrying someone from a different caste remains a sensitive topic in many Indian families. Sadly, even today, some instances of honor killings associated with inter-caste marriages are reported, particularly in rural areas. Although urban areas may not witness honor killings, certain segments of society still harbor reservations about inter-caste marriages, particularly when it involves Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST).

Critics of SC/ST inter-caste unions often argue that blending different religions and cultures under one roof is problematic. However, we firmly believe that when two people in love are compatible, coexistence is not an issue. Love and understanding can bridge cultural gaps, fostering harmony in diverse households.

Inter caste Marriage with all schemes

Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme aimed at implementing the Protection of Civil Rights Act (PCR) and the Prevention of Atrocities (POA) Act, the central government extends its support to state governments and union territory administrations. This support includes incentives for marriages where one of the spouses belongs to the Scheduled Caste, encouraging inter-caste unions and social harmony.

Inter Caste court marriage government benefits:

The program is officially named the 'Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter-Caste Marriages.' Its primary objective is to recognize and support the courageous decision of couples who choose to marry across caste lines. The scheme provides financial incentives to these newlyweds to help them establish their lives together in the initial phase of marriage. It's important to note that this scheme is not intended to supplement employment or poverty alleviation initiatives.

The approval of incentives for couples is at the discretion of the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Chairman of the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation. Any submission of false or fabricated information to the competent authority will be subject to legal consequences as per the prevailing laws.

Eligibility Criteria for taking benefits:

For eligibility under this scheme, it's a requirement that one spouse belongs to the Scheduled Caste, and the other comes from the General Caste. Moreover, the marriage should be legally valid and registered in accordance with the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. Please be aware that no incentives will be granted for second marriages as part of this scheme. Additionally, in order for a proposal to be considered valid, it must be submitted within one year of the marriage.

It is crucial to emphasize that any falsification or misrepresentation in the application form may lead to legal action taken by the competent authority, in accordance with applicable laws.

Documents Required for SC/ST Inter Caste Marriages

To avail the benefits of this scheme, certain documents and certificates need to be provided:

  • Ration Card: A valid Ration Card is required.
  • Original Salary Certificates: The original salary certificates of both spouses must be submitted.
  • Inter-Caste Marriage Enrolment Endorsement: This is a marriage authentication certificate issued by the Sub-Office, Registrar, Panchayat President, or a declaration from NSS or SND. It's important to have both spouses' castes endorsed.
  • Declaration for Newlyweds: A declaration from a married couple who have been married for only a year is needed. This declaration should be received by a Gazetted Official, MLA, or MP in the concerned territory.
  • Identification Proof: Provide identification proof, such as a voter ID card or a copy of an Aadhar card.

Ensuring that all these documents are in order will help streamline the application process for incentives under the scheme.

Benefits of Inter-caste Marriage Scheme

The Inter-caste Marriage Scheme was introduced by the State Government in 2018. Its primary aim to encourage inter-caste marriages, particularly involving Dalits. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of the union ministry to eradicate caste-based discrimination. As part of this scheme, the government provides a reward of Rs 2.5 lakh to newlywed couples.The advantages of the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme include financial support for couples who choose to have inter-caste marriages. Additionally, the scheme plays a vital role in fostering equality and tolerance among all members of the community, promoting social harmony and unity.


In conclusion, the primary aim of this scheme is to acknowledge and provide financial support to couples who bravely opt for inter-caste marriages. It's important to clarify that the scheme is not associated with employment generation or poverty alleviation initiatives. We at LegalAir offers access to a team of advocates with extensive experience in handling various legal matters. If you require legal advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you navigate any legal challenges you may encounter. Contact us to know more.

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