Marriage Certificate


  • Marriage certificates are official statements, under which two people are considered married. Marriage in the country is registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and the Special Marriage Act 1954. It legally proves that you are married.
  • as evidence if you want to change name post marriage,
  • on issues of legitimacy of a child,
  • during divorce proceedings,
  • claim property of spouse in case you are not a nominee,
  • to claim life insurance in the event of a mishap
  • as part of a genealogical history, besides other purposes.
  • Just like every marriage, marriage registration is also unique. The set of documents may vary based on your and your spouse’ religion, place of marriage and place of stay. Our team of experts, having handled more than 800 cases, have been successful in getting a marriage certificate in all the cases and are well equipped to place in order your application for marriage registration within a day.
  • Steps Involved in Registration of Marriage

  • You will immediately receive an email with your order confirmation and a checklist of documents required
  • A Marriage Registration Expert will be assigned to you as a case manager to speed up the process
  • Once we receive all your documents, we will vet and verify all your documents
  • You will need separate affidavits for both hisband and wife. Our team will send you the draft affidavits which you can sign and send back to us
  • Based on your responses, we will fill your online application on the respective portal
  • You will need to sign the copy of the Affidavit along with the documents and send it to us via courier
  • Your dedicated case manager will then submit the application & documents at the office of the Marriage registrar (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) within any of the following three jurisdictions: where the husband resides where the wife resides place of solemnization of the marriage The expert will then request for a date convenient to you to visit the office of marriage registrar and register your marriage
  • Your case manager will accompany you and your spouse with two/three witnesses (who attended your marriage) to the marriage registrar's office on the decided date, to complete your marriage certificate process
  • Once the process of marriage registration is complete, your marriage certificate will be issued
  • Procedure

  • Marriage Registration Procedure
  • Step 1: Approach the office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, under whose locale the marriage occurred or where both the partners resided for somewhere around a half year before the marriage took place
  • Step 2: Appointment - In the case of the Hindu Marriage Act, the date of appointment received is usually within 15 days of the request and in the case of Special Marriage Act, it may take as long as upto 60 days
  • Step 3: Witness - Any individual who was present at the time of marriage of the couple can and will be the witness. Witnesses must have a legitimate PAN Card and a proof of residence
  • The procedure to register your marriage seems easy but the details and intricacies can be tricky as it requires one to understand the legal procedure and pay multiple visits to various government offices. If you want to register your marriage seamlessly, you can contact us. We will provide you with all the necessary help and assistance and make the process hassle free for you
  • Online Marriage Registration
  • You can also register your marriage applying for your marriage certificate online at your concerned state's registration website following some very simple steps as following:
  • Step 1: Select your district and feed details of you, your spouse and details of marriage
  • Step 1: Select your district and feed details of you, your spouse and details of marriage
  • Step 2: After submitting the registration form, you will receive acknowledgement receipt with application number and date of appointment with the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • Purpose of Marriage Certificate
  • A Marriage Certificate is a document that establishes the conjugal/married status of a couple. It is very significant and useful in giving legally married status to the couple as well as for allied purposes like acquiring a passport, opening a bank account, changing one's last name, and applying for a salary certificate, in addition to other things. A marriage certificate is basically a conclusive proof of marriage.
  • Required Documents

  • Husband and Wife- Application Form
  • Age Proof (Any of the following): School/College Leaving School, Birth Certificate, Passport, Domicile Certificate or SSC/HSC Certificate
  • Proof of Residence (Any of the following): Ration Card, Election Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Passport or Aadhar Card
  • Wedding Card
  • Passport Size photograph
  • Nikahnama/Any marriage certificate from a religious place, translated in English on the letterhead of an Authorised Translator
  • Divorce decree if either spouse is a divorcee
  • Death certificate if the previous spouse is dead
  • Copy of official gazette if the name is changed after Marriage
  • Marital status certificate if either spouse is a foreign nationalWitnesses- Proof of residence of witnesses: Ration Card, Election Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Passport or Aadhar Card
  • PanCard
  • Legal Air Assurance

  • 100% Refund Policy ‘No questions asked’
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Timely Delivery of Case
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    It is advisable that you get your marriage registered as soon as possible after solemnization of marriage. If you register your marriage within 90 days of solemnization, you are required to pay only the prescribed fee. However, if you are registering the marriage after the expiry of 90 days you will have to pay an additional late fee. The fees for marriage registration in the State of Haryana is as follows:

    Timeline for the presentation of the application Fees in INR
    Within 90 days of marriage 100/-
    After 90 days and within one year 150/-
    After one year of marriage 200/-

    Your marriage is still valid, so you will have to go through the divorce process as prescribed by law.

    After registration of marriage, marriage certificate is issued. The marriage certificate is the conclusive proof of your marriage The marriage certificate useful for: Applying for dependant VISA or passport Opening of joint bank account after marriage In the unfortunate circumstance of your spouse passing away without nomination, it can be used to claim deposits in bank, insurance benefits, provident fund claims, and gratuity claims etc.

    Yes, absence of marriage registration does not invalidate your marriage.

    You can get your marriage registered at the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (marriage officer) under whose jurisdiction (location of marriage) the marriage has been solemnised. You can also get the marriage registered at the office of the SDM within whose jurisdiction either husband or wife is residing.

    You can apply for marriage registration online. After submitting your online application, a date will be fixed. You and your partner along with witnesses and all required documents will have to go to the office of the marriage officer on the fixed date to get the marriage registered. Upon registration of marriage, your marriage certificate will be issued.At MyAdvo, we have a pool of Marriage Registration experts who are well versed with the process. We will make the entire process a breeze for you by taking care of all formalities. We will draft and submit your application, help you in preparation and finalization of documents, prepare draft affidavit and get it notarised, and undertake all ancillary matters related to the process of Marriage Registration for you.

    The State Governments have been authorized to prescribe fees for registration of marriages. Therefore, the fees for marriage registration is different for each state.The fees for marriage registration in the State of Haryana is as follows:

    Timeline for the presentation of the application Fees in INR
    Within 90 days of marriage 100/-
    After 90 days and within one year 150/-
    After one year of marriage 200/-

    Generally, you will get an appointment for registration of marriage within 10-15 days of submission of application form. On the date fixed, you and your partner along with two witnesses will be required to be present at the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate to sign documents and get the marriage registered. After registration of marriage, marriage certificate is issued on the same date. However, if required, MyAdvo’s Expert will request for a date which is convenient to both you and your partner. On the fixed date, the marriage will be registered and certificate will be issued.

    Marriages are registered by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of the area where the marriage took place or where either of the spouses stayed for at least six months before the marriage.

    You can check the status of your marriage registration online through the website of the municipal corporation or municipal council of the district in which application has been filed. You can track the status by using the application number.

    Any person who has attended the marriage and has an identity proof and a proof of residence can be present as a witness to the marriage.